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How I Started My Personal Growth Journey

February 1, 2024

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Elsie Sanchez how I started my personal growth journey.

As a huge lover of hardcover books and raving fan of self-development, I’m here to share my journey of setting ambitious goals, adopting a positive mindset, stepping out of my comfort zone, embracing self-care, and the importance of surrounding myself with empowering women. Brace yourself for a rewarding ride as we delve deep into the art of personal growth. If you’re on a journey of self-discovery, or simply interested in personal development, this blog is for you. Let’s grow together, shall we?

Today, I am sharing a personal blog post about my journey of growth. Like many of you, I have big dreams and I am constantly working towards creating a life filled with purpose and passion. A life I truly love. However, I know that it takes more than just determination to achieve great things. It takes hard work, resilience, and a deep commitment to taking action on this personal growth. I share my journey with you to inspire you to do the same.

The Power of Setting Goals

For starters, I am a big believer in the power of setting goals. In fact, I have whole notebooks, planners, post-it notes, and even an entire wall in my home office dedicated to my goals. Yes, perhaps a bit much for some, but just right for me. I have found that when I write down my aspirations and I can see them, I am more likely to achieve them. It’s like I am reminding myself every day what I am working towards. I challenge you to do the same! Whether it’s a big career goal, a financial goal, or a personal goal, stick some post-it notes with reminders on your mirror, hang a calendar with due dates on your wall, or write it down on a notebook. Anything that can help you in your growth journey is a step forward in the right direction.

Mindset & Reframing

Another thing I have been working on is my mindset. It’s so easy to get stuck in negative self-talk. “It’s never going to work.” “Who do I think I am.” “Why even bother, it’s never going to work out.” I’m guilty of this too, trust me! However, I quickly focus on reframing my thoughts. Instead of “I can’t”, I try to think “I can figure this out.” Instead of “I’m never going to get there’, I like to tell myself “I’m not there, yet.” It’s amazing how much more confident and capable I feel when I approach challenges with a positive attitude.

Reading for Growth

One of my favorite ways to continue growing is to read. I love books. I especially enjoy books that inspire and challenge me. One of my favorite books and that I highly recommend you read is “Believe It” by Jamie Kern Lima. It’s a personal development book for women that will inspire you to believe in your own power. A must-read for every woman. You will discover how to overcome self-doubt, gain the courage to take risks, and will empower you to start your dream and keep going when it gets tough. This books has been incredibly helpful and has given me a fresh perspective on what’s possible when we believe in ourselves.

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

One big change that I have made in order to grow has been learning to be okay with stepping out of my comfort zone. It’s easy to stick to what you know, but that only limits your potential. I’ve learned to embrace the unknown and to take risks. It’s not always easy, but I know that it’s necessary in order to achieve the things that I want in life.

Importance of Self-care

Another big lesson that I have learned is the importance of self-care. I have always been a go-getter, but that often comes at the expense of my own needs. For years, I burned myself out trying to tackle everything on my own. I wouldn’t take breaks. I maximized every single minute of the day (or so I thought), at the expense of rest. But, it’s impossible to be our best self when our engine is running on empty. We need to stop and take care of ourselves first.

Once you start practicing self-care, you’ll show up more fully as mom, partner, wife, daughter, friend. So, I’ve learned to prioritize rest, exercise, and my “me” time. It has definitely made a huge difference in my overall wellbeing and happiness.

Ask for Help

In this growth journey I’ve also realized that it’s okay to ask for help. I used to think that asking for help made me look weak or meant that I couldn’t handle whatever I was doing, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It takes strength to admit when you need help, and there’s nothing wrong with seeking guidance from those who have more experience or knowledge than you. Surrounding myself with a supportive network of people who genuinely want to see me succeed has been crucial to my personal growth journey.

Always Growing

Of course, the journey of personal growth is never over. There will always be new challenges to face and new areas to work on. I hope that my journey of personal growth has encouraged you to embrace your own ambitions and work on becoming the best version of yourself. Remember, you are capable of great things. You have the power to achieve what you want out of life. Surround yourself with positivity, set goals, continue learning, and find like-minded women to join you on this journey. Remember, we’re all in this together!

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